The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

Eco-Friendly Stocking Stuffers and Tokens of Affection

I’ve covered the big items, but I can’t neglect the little things. You know, a few of my favorite things?

Even if you have no stocking to fill, you will probably have an office gift exchange. Plus, as a New Yorker, you probably prefer a gift that will fit in your purse to bring to the party. Finally, don’t nobody in New York City have room for big presents in their apartment.

So pick up these tiny treasures, from $7 to $450, for everyone on your list.

Eco-friendly Heart Handwarmers

Reusable Hand Warmers

Filled with uncooked rice and stamped to form a heart when put together, these warmers go in the microwave for 15-20 seconds before you stuff them in your pockets or mittens for some much-needed warmth. These cozy finger warmers are reusable and eco-friendly. (Just don’t put them in the washing machine.)

$7.29 on Etsy


Brass Reusable Fingernails

For the girl who really does have everything, an engraved set of brass nails (like, for your fingers). Honestly, it was hard to choose my favorite from this Brooklyn studio. But this surely stood out, even among all their tight, sharp jewelry pieces.

$450 at Need Supply Co.


Cage Necklace

This hand-cast brass cage strung on a Japanese cord is assembled in Brooklyn.

$110 at Need Supply Co.

Chocolate Tea - 5 calories!

Numi Organic Pu-erh Chocolate Tea

For your super healthy friend, delight her with chocolate tea. (Only five calories, yo!) Pu-erh (Poo-air) is an ancient healing tea picked from 500-year-old organic, wild tea trees in the mountains of Yunnan, China that are said to give forth “chi” or life energy. Numi’s Chocolate Pu-erh is an enticing blend of deep, dark pu-erh, plus organic cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, orange peel, nutmeg and cinnamon. 

$15 at Amazon


Butter London Punk Rock Plaid Nail Polish Set

If you know someone who kind of wishes they were punk but in reality loves a sleek manicure, this is the (non-toxic) nail polish set for them.

$39 on Amazon


Forager Natural Perfume Rollerball Collection

This set of scents includes one rollerball of each; Nectar, Bloom, Island Lei and Woodland. Forager uses all natural (organic when possible) botanical essential oils and their products are free from harmful synthetics, color, parabens, sulfates and preservatives. Plus, they are handmade in Brooklyn!

$68 at Forager Botanicals

Peppermint Chocolate

Wild Ophelia Peppermint Chocolate

With peppermint from the Cascade mountains, this chocolate bar makes a sweet and pretty addition to any stocking or gift basket.

$5 at Abe’s Market


Jane Iredale ‘Glamour’ Eye and Lip Palette

Non-toxic beauty doesn’t just mean green. Your gift recipient can tart herself up with a range of blues, purples, pinks and reds.

$75 at Nordstrom

Spiked iPhone Case

Spiked iPhone Case

Handmade in LA, this mean little case will beat up anyone who tries to step on or steal your phone.

$89 at Cultures of Love


T-Woods Sunglasses by SOLO

Classic style with a contemporary twist, these tortoise shell frames go well with everything. Take it from me, your giftee will get compliments on these.

$78 at Given Goods (Plus I have a discount code for you!)


80 Acres Verde Olive Oil Body Balm

This doesn’t make you smell like Italian food. Instead, this rich buttery lotion moisturizes your winter-chapped skin with a fresh, light scent of a garden. Of course, it’s phthalate and paraben free, made by a family olive tree farm in California.

$22 on Amazon


OLO Fragrance Daphne

The smell of daphne blooming is the stamp of spring in Portland, OR. Bottle it up with this handmade fragrance.

$45 at OLO Fragrance

lite+cycle pillar candle

Lite+Cycle Bergamot Pillar Candle

Cultivated in Italy without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, Lite+Cycle’s bergamot oil is cold-pressed for safe aromatherapy. The candle is 100% conceived from plants, with non-GMO vegetable wax, cotton wick, and essential oils. And you can’t beat the beautiful packaging on this–no wrapping necessary.

$36 and up at Lite+Cycle


Krysos + Chandi Tassel Necklace

It’s not a cocktail, but the name of a brand out of Brooklyn producing wonderful artwork-come-jewelry. It’s made to order so give yourself an extra week for you or your recipient to get it.

$128 at Krysos + Chandi

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 4.54.17 PM

Monogrammed iPhone Cases

These cases are made of PLA Filament, a sturdy, renewable bioplastic derived from corn. Each case is 3D printed to order with the two or three letter monogram or text of your choice. Or, if you have a 3D printer, print them yourself!

$36 at Sylvia Heisel

Recycled glass guitar picks

Ceramic and Recycled Glass Guitar Picks

Made of stoneware clay, these distinctive picks are individually shaped and hand-glazed to incorporate a pool of jewel-toned recycled glass. Every pick is entirely unique, and the sound is much brighter than a traditional plastic pick.

$20 at Design With Benefits

Tooth powder

Fig+Yarrow Tooth Powder

This must be the most elegant tooth-cleaning substance I’ve ever seen. It blends traditional oral health ingredients—baking soda, aloe vera, neem, licorice root—with refreshing cornmint and lavender for a naturally great-tasting way to brush. It’s easy to use: simply tap a small amount of powder onto a wet toothbrush and brush as usual.

$16 at Rodale’s (Plus I have a discount code for you!)


Brandy Pham Mini Cylinder Ring

This ring is made in NYC to the extreme, from the manufacturing in the Garment District or Diamond District of New York City to her raw materials from New York and Rhode Island.

$115 on Zady (Plus I have a discount code for you!)


Cat Eye Glasses

Ridiculously rad cat eye glasses in see through mirror.  Dangle feather knives sit behind ears to hold the glasses on tightly. No earrings necessary. How blown is your mind right now?

$45 at I Still Love You NYC

Giraffe ornament

Giraffe Ornament

Doves get all the glory at Christmas. Tell your friend you know she’s more exotic and interesting than that, with an ornament screen printed in NYC.

$18 at Brika


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