Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

What to Do on the Dominican Republic’s North Coast

"It seems like everyone is going to the Dominican Republic," an acquaintance mused during a coworking session uptown. I was surprised. Before the Ministry of Tourism invited me to take a tour of the Dominican Republic* in March, I had never even considered it as a destination, much less one that would fulfill my yearning for sustainability and adventure. Costa Rica, I thought, was the place to be. But I found myself completely charmed by the Dominican Republic's North Coast. I started evangelizing the DR to all my friends and even my family ("There are villas to rent, Mom!") as soon as I returned in March. And I noticed that people I knew – those well-traveled, socially conscious, interesting people – were posting on Facebook asking for tips.

Perhaps it was as I sipped on a mojito using a miracle berry and mint sourced from a hydroponic garden about 100 feet away after trying out some aerial circus tricks. Or maybe it was listening to the mournful calls of a lovesick humpback whale piped up to me from under the boat. But at some point on my trip, I became a Dominican Republic Convert.

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