”Hygge is when we put down our guards and just ‘be,” a Dane explains in an article on Zady. “It’s basically the opposite of feeling awkward.” That sounds amazing. 

If you’re a New Yorker subscriber, definitely read this two part series on how humans are a cataclysmic disaster on par with an asteroid hitting earth. Or so say geologists and other scientists who are experts on animal extinction. Here’s part one, and part two.

Reddit banned climate deniers on their science forum. What’s so interesting, is that they did so by requiring everyone to provide peer-reviewed, scientific evidence when making claims. Which climate deniers do not have. Bye, don’t let the digital door hit you on the way out!

Because sometimes you need it, here are three natural energy drinks to replace your Red Bull habit.

Unless you buy real fur with the intention of keeping it for twenty years or more, faux fur is the more sustainable choice, a study says.

Planet Money on NPR decided to make a t-shirt, to figure out exactly what it entails. Or if you want a synopsis, watch Colbert’s interview with Alex Bloomberg. (Side note: Isn’t it weird to see what radio personalities actually look like? They’re never what you imagined.)

Finally. The FDA wants to crack down on antibiotics used for farm animals. And it is so important because farm use of antibiotics is contributing to the rise of superbugs.

Wait, there’s more! The FDA is also questioning the safety of antibacterial soaps.

Speaking of, stop washing your hands in hot water. It’s a waste of energy  and doesn’t do shit.

Free trade agreements are actually terrible for the environment. And the reason is lawsuits. Lots of them.

ABC is opening yet another restaurant, this time with a focus on delicious vegetables.

There’s a new organic, Latin American, juice-bar-ish restaurant called Feelfood near Union Square.

Do we care more about animal rights than we do the environment? A thoughtful article on The Guardian explores the issue.

If Americans drove a little less, the US economy would reap the benefits.

Ask these questions before you buy something from a buy-one-give-one company.

A bankrupt fracking company is suing New York State because of the moratorium.

New York City Council voted to banned polystyrene containers. Kind of.