Ever wondered what “vegetable tanning” means, or how to pick out a leather accessory that will last? Zady has the definitive guide.

This looks like the place to get a basic white t-shirt, as recommended by Spades+siLK.

More fairly made Valentine’s gift ideas, courtesy of My Fair Vanity!

Walmart proposes to sell more items made in the U.S.A. But will this latest green initiative actually stick?

I’m a religious devotee of NYC tap water. But this report on what’s inside the city’s old water towers freaked me out.

Interesting fact: food is embalmed for decades in landfills–one researcher found seemingly fresh guacamole next to a newspaper 24 years old. Vice reports on a landfill that is separating out food waste for compost, extending the life of the landfill and making it remarkably less smelly.

Rejoice! (For now). Fracking has been banned in New York state for another year.

The shiny mineral in your makeup is most likely mica mined by children in East India.

A protester sat outside a New York H&M for eight hours stitching together dollar bills to protest labor practices in the fashion industry. (I would have chosen a different store, however.)

The production of fish oil is wiping out a rare shark. Find out which brands of fish oil are OK to buy.

The Super Bowl may be attracting child traffickers to the city, and not really giving the economy a boost at all. But at least there will be food composting at the stadium!

NYC is about to get its first all natural beauty store! I will be there when it opens.