Huh, after putting this up, I realized you could wear everything in this picture together, at once, and you wouldn’t look schizophrenic at all. I love accidental outfits!

Modavanti is a new sustainable fashion e-commerce company that takes ethically made clothing seriously. Visit the site, and you can search for products according to eight main criteria: made in the U.S., organic, vegan, recycled/repurposed, energy efficient, handmade, fair trade and eco-conscious. More importantly, the clothing and accessories are freaking gorgeous, appropriate for work, the club or date night–three categories ethical clothing has traditionally neglected.

You might recognize some of my sustainable faves, like Amour Vert, BAGGU, Avery by Wang, and Feral Childe, but there are more that Modavanti has introduced me to. Ooooh, nice to meet you Elkarti Morocco. The pleasure is all mine.

More good news: Modavanti just introduced its ModaCycle program. Send in your old dresses, jeans and tops that no longer fit or have gone out of style and Modavanti will recycle them by donating the clothes to their designers or to fashion design students at FIT, who will incorporate them into their latest creations and keep them out of landfills. In return, you get $20 in Modavanti credits (up to a limit of $60 in credits per month).

Here’s how it works.

1. Sign up for Modavanti. Get a $20 credit for doing so. Yay!

2. Email Modavanti at with the subject line “Modacycle” and they will give you further instructions. Drawback: you will be responsible for shipping the clothes to Modavanti HQ. So don’t spend more than $20 in shipping, or you just made a net loss. Though you did recycle your clothes, so … it’s up to you.

3. Once they receive your clothes, you get $20 of Modavanti Credits added to your account.

To whet your appetite, I’ve chosen some of my favorite items on Modavanti. Drool over these, then go home and clean out your closet to make space, and get yo credit.

 Allison Parris

Allison Parris strapless peplum dress, $135

Heidi Merrick

Heidi Merrick Bonheur dress, $290

Heidi Merrick Kanji Top

Heidi Merrick Kanji Top, $113

Elkarti Morocco Berber Boots

Elkarti Morocco Berber Boots, $220

Nettie Kent Sphinx Ring

Nettie Kent Sphinx Ring, $154

Indie Twenty Jewelry Liberated Lariat Necklace Orange

Indie Twenty Jewelry Liberated Lariat Necklace Orange, $75

Cri de Coeur Roux Cutout Wedge

Cri de Coeur Roux Cutout Wedge, $110

BAGGU Black Drawstring Purse

BAGGU Black Drawstring Purse, $140