Holstee Reframe

With exactly 24 hours left to go in their Kickstarter project, Holstee has blown past their initial ask of $17,500. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still contribute and snag one of their snazzy reclaimed wood frames.

Here’s the story: Holstee is one of those utterly Brooklyn design companies that have dabbled in a variety of sustainably-minded projects over the years. You might recognize them from their manifesto, here:

Holstee Manifesto

Ring a bell? Yeah, that’s them. Now they’re working on a project that, despite being so simple, includes just about everything the young and hip worship today:

  • Clever design: It’s a small frame that let’s you easily slip in your current favorite 5×7 card you got from a friend (or Holstee) for display, until you have a new favorite 5×7 card.
  • Do-good-ism: It’s made in Detroit, thereby supporting the economy of a struggling city.
  • Sustainability: It uses reclaimed wood.
  • Ruin porn: That wood is reclaimed from houses being demolished in Detroit.
  • A video with blurred-to-crisp closeups: Watch it here.

At first, when I saw this project, I was sort of underwhelmed. Do I really need this? Then I went to bed, and looked to my left, and saw a beautiful card from my friend that I had propped up, and repeatedly knocked over. OK, you win, Holstee. This is actually useful.

Like I said, you have 24 hours left to give money and in return receive one or more wood frames, plus a subscription to receive one cleverly-designed card a month. Here’s their Kickstarter campaign.