Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

Celebrate the Fourth in USA-Made Fashion (Duh)

When Fourth of July rolls around, suddenly I’m so over black.

Forget edge. I want the sartorial equivalent of a sandy Cape Cod beach: preppy cottons in red, white and blue, sweaters for gathering around the bonfire at night on the beach, heritage brands, checks and stripes and plaids, and anything else that says, “Oh this? I found it in the upstairs closet at our shore house.” You know, the kind of stuff that would work at a barbecue or yacht club, the beach or the lake house. (Or a Brooklyn roof, whatever.)

You with me? Good. I’ve managed to dig up a whole bunch of gems that are not only aesthetically perfect for singing the National Anthem, they’re also made in America, and are so perfectly classic, you’ll be able to wear them until you have grandkids sitting on your shoulders for the fireworks.

Oh! And scroll on down to find handsome duds for your man, too.

Kris Nation gold lighting bolt earring studs // Made in the US Kordal blue and white striped sweater // Made in NYC
Space Shuttle One Piece // made in the US Mary Meyer dress // Made in NYC
Emerson Live Free or Die t-shirt // made in the US Emerson Fry bikini in blue and white
Heidi Merrick white cotton top // made in the US Pendleton red white and blue dress // made in the US
Reformation sailboat dress // made in California from deadstock Save Our Seas t-shirt
Pendleton red white blue beach tote // made in the US Pendleton Blue Checked Shirt // made in the US
Kris Nation bib necklace // made in the US Maggy Frances red picnic checked shorts // made in the US
Magge Frances Blue Checked Romper // made in the US Gypsy Blue and White Tie-Dye Shorts // Made in Cali
Red turban headband // made in the US H Fredriksson zip dress
Chambray shorts Heidi Merrick blue striped tee
Apiece Apart blue day dress Lina Rennell red dress


Crewneck // Zady // Made in Los Angeles Blue Claw Co. Duffel // Made in the US
Red and Blue Suede Belts // made in the US Pendleton Cardigan // made in the US
Patriotic Flag T-Shirt // proceeds go to helping end human traffickingPatriotic Flag T-Shirt // proceeds go to helping end human trafficking Plaid tie // made in the US
Seawall Plaid Men's Shirt in Blue and Red // Made in the US Blue Striped Men's Shorts // made in the US
Flint and Tinder Red Men's Shorts // made in the US

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