Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

Camping at a Music Festival: Your Beauty Packing List

It’s music festival season, a time when you’re expected to look Instagram worthy despite not bathing (or sleeping) for two days of tromping around in the mud and/or sun. And while you’ll probably possess an inner glow brought on by gorgeous music, time with friends, new connections made, and a stem or two of some magic fungi, packing the right beauty products certainly couldn’t hurt!

I know you don’t need convincing to eschew parabens and sulfates in your beauty products – who wants to court the long-term possibility of cancer? But when camping out at a festival, it’s especially important to pack clean and natural, since you likely will be standing outside your tent, rinsing your products off your face and right into the soil. So, avoid products with synthetic ingredients, and ones with microbeads, tiny plastic spheres used for exfoliating that won’t ever degrade and could poison tiny wildlife who mistakenly eat it. Meanwhile, invest in some serious sun protection, and choose portable and versatile products.

Obviously, you don’t have to and don’t want to bring everything listed! But you should get some great ideas for feeling and looking your most radiant for three days of physical endurance and fun. Here’s your music festival beauty regimen:


Festival Beauty products

You arrive to the festival late in the afternoon after traveling a long way, and you have less than an hour to throw up your tent and primp before one of your favorite bands gets on the main stage. Mist your hair with Captain Blankenship Organic Shimmer Texturizing Hair Spray to give it a glowing, beach-y look. Spritz your face with Luzern Alpine Glacial Toner to refresh and moisturize it without having to take off all your makeup and start all over.

Dab some Mullein & Sparrow Tinted Lip + Cheek Balm  on your cheeks and lips. The sun still has a few more hours, so mist MyChelle Sun Shield Clear Spray SPF 30 on your shoulders for 80 minutes of full-spectrum, vegan, non-toxic, biodegradable sun protection. Then dive into the music and chaos.


Before you go to bed (1 am, 7 am?), wipe your face off with Acure Organics Unscented Argan Oil Towelettes, which remove makeup, dirt, sweat, and environmental toxins (like those oblivious babes smoking cigarettes next to you on the dance floor) in one swipe. Then moisturise with Acure Organics Oil Control Moisturizer, which will help ward off a shiny, oily face for the rest of the weekend.

Rub Cocovit coconut oil all over your body before crawling into your sleeping bag. It contains potent enzymes and nutrients to heal and nourish skin and hair, plus it’s antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial – perfect for dealing with strangers’ sweat that you picked up in the scrum in front of the stage.



Dump some Rahua Voluminous Dry Shampoo in your hair to perk it up, and rub Meow Meow Tweet deodorant stick on your pits for a lightly scented but effective deodorant. Rub French Girl Organics Organic Lumiere Bronzing Body Oil everywhere skin is showing under your maillot and jean short shorts for a subtle, shimmering glow.

Spritz  Suntegrity Face Sunscreen and and Primer SPF 50 on your face, which functions as a face moisturizer, sunscreen, and makeup primer all in one. Then apply Suntegrity’s sample size tinted moisturizer 5-in-1 BB cream, which has SPF 30 broad spectrum sun protection, evens skin tone, and moisturizes. Use W3LL People Narcissist foundation concealer stick for any blemishes and under eye circles. Apply Organic Pharmacy glam mascara for luxe lashes. Set your makeup with Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30 by COOLA Suncare. Finish your look with a swipe of Suntegrity Lip C.P.R. Natural SPF 30 Lipstick for bright color, visibly reduced fine lines, and zinc oxide for Broad Spectrum SPF 30 protection. Pack MyChelle Sun Shield Clear Stick SPF 50 in your hip pack for easy application – especially to your nose – every other hour, and go exploring!

Saturday Night


Pop back to your tent after a day of dancing and use EiR Sunblock Remover to get the last of your sunscreen off.  Gently rub EiR After-Sun Oil onto any burned skin, spritz yourself with Zoe Organics insect repellent to protect against mosquitoes, then head back out.


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