Boodwear organic eco-friendly workout clothing

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Thank the universe for athleisure. It means you can wear some comfy leggings and a tee, throw leather jacket and a hat on top, and call it an legitimate outfit. I’ve been known to wear underarmor leggings with a long sweater and boots as if they’re normal leggings. I think the reinforced side seam and logo might have given me away, though.

Well, I found an eco-friendly and ethical brand that straddles the line perfectly between athletic gear and everyday fashion: Boodywear.

Boodwear organic eco-friendly bamboo leggings

All Boodywear items – pants, shirts, sports bra, socks, and underwear – are 95% rayon made from ECOCERT organic bamboo (and 5% spandex for stretch), which is processed in a closed-loop, non-toxic system. So unlike regular bamboo rayon clothing, which requires intense chemical processing, Boodywear manufacturing doesn’t discharge toxic chemicals into the environment. And bamboo is a highly renewable resource – it quickly regenerates after being cut. Printed-on tags mean you won’t itch.

Boodwear organic eco-friendly workout clothing

The shoes are also eco-friendly, by Allbirds.

Boodwear organic eco-friendly workout clothing

Boodywear is also manufactured in a zero-waste process with computer knitting that yields seamless pieces, which are more comfortable, longer lasting, and less aesthetically geared toward the gym. It’s produced by workers paid fair wages, and is certified by WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production): the certified factories have no child labor or exploitation, exceed minimum wages, plus regulate work hours and sick/holiday pay. It is dyed using OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100-certified non-toxic dyes. 

Boodwear organic eco-friendly athletic workout thong

My pants, thong, and shirt came to me in boxes made of recycled cardboard printed with vegetable-based dyes. Everything is exceedingly minimalist, with simple but flattering silhouettes that are free of embellishments, complicated straps, and the like. The thong works great with the pants – I don’t have any panty lines, as you can see.

Boodwear organic eco-friendly athletic clothing

FYI: I didn’t photoshop out my appendicitis scar, because i want you to see the real me!

And everything feels silky soft, including the pants, which I could comfortably wear all day. The black t-shirt is so soft and flattering, I’m planning on wearing it in everyday outfits, instead of just for working out. As for performance? I wore the pants and thong to hot yoga (I took the shirt off for the class, since I prefer to be in my sports bra) and they performed great for the hour of super-sweaty asanas. The fabric is thin enough that I’m probably going to layer the pants under jeans when it gets really cold outside – they’ll be much more comfortable than tights, which tend to itch me.

In summary, I was even more into Boodywear’s stuff than I expected! You really can’t tell from looking online how comfortable everything is – you have to experience it for yourself!