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Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Blaynk Linens Are the Most Organic Sheets I’ve Ever Seen

This post is generously sponsored by Blaynk, who is currently running a Kickstarter where you can pre-order their sheets at wholesale prices. As always, EcoCult only partners with companies we believe are making the world a better place. Support EcoCult’s editorial by supporting them!

You already know that going organic is one of the most accessible ways to decrease your impact on the environment, as well as your own health. From food and textiles to housewares and cleaning products, getting rid of the chemicals and pesticides is a non-negotiable for living an eco-conscious lifestyle.

But did you know that even a lot of organic products are still treated with chemicals? Even further, when the product itself is kept truly organic, it is often still produced using methods that are harmful for the environment, whether that’s through their washing techniques, dyeing process, packaging standards, or carbon emissions. Although we absolutely support and encourage brands who are taking one step at a time to decrease their negative impact on the planet (even if they’re not doing so perfectly), we are always excited to hear about a brand that is going even further.

That’s why we’re sharing Blaynk with you. Blaynk is a new brand of organic bed linens that’s taking sustainable production to an entirely new level, with the most low-impact production process I’ve ever seen.

No Chemicals, No Dyes. At All.

Although using organic cotton is better for the earth and for humans, the process of dyeing and treating even organic cotton still takes a toll. Seventeen to 20 percent of the world’s industrial water pollution comes from dyeing and finishing textiles, and there is 200,000 tons of synthetic dye that ends up in our oceans and waterways every year. In fact, in many parts of the world, you can literally tell what colors the local textile factories are using based on the color of the nearby waterways. So just because something is organic doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not contributing to these statistics.

While most other organic cotton textile products are processed using chemicals to clean, dye, or dewrinkle, Blaynk is cutting all of that out. Instead of detergents, they use only water (and much less of it) to spin, weave, and finish the sheets. Instead of dyeing the sheets, they let them remain their own natural, cream cotton color.

Made With The Power Of The Weather

Perhaps the most phenomenal thing about Blaynk sheets is the way they are manufactured using nothing but weather. Their rain harvesting system holds over one million gallons of water, which means their sheets are entirely created using this supply. Their factory in Southern India is 100% wind-powered, which means the company’s carbon footprint is zero.

Oh, And Everything Else.

Blaynk has taken sustainability down to the last detail. Their packaging is wrapped in excess fabric to reduce waste and every other piece of material used for shipping is recycled and recyclable.

Additionally, Blaynk’s cotton meets the Global Organic Textile Standard as well as Oeko Tex 100 and is also certified by Fair Trade USA and Fairtrade International. For their employees, they provide advanced education programs and quality healthcare.

Yea, But How Do They Feel?!

Blaynk’s linens seemed too good to be true, so I just had to try them out for myself.* The first thing I noticed upon opening the sheets is the obvious durability. They use a classic percale weave with a 400 two-ply count, which means they’re longer lasting than other weaves, while still providing breathability and comfort. Durability is one of the most important aspects of bed sheets for me, since it’s often difficult to ethically get rid of old, worn-down bed linens that have been slept on thousands of times. They were a bit stiff at first (as many sheets are), but after putting them through the wash once, they were already noticeably more flexible and fluffy (the brand says they only get softer with each wash).

Blaynk has just launched their Kickstarter and for the length of the campaign, you can get your hands on their sheet sets and pillowcases at wholesale prices (and they have a crib sheet as well). Production will begin at the end of the campaign and are set to be delivered in December.

*for free

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