The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The Best Sustainable and Artisan Shops and Fashion in Granada, Nicaragua

Granada is a beautiful, colonial city placed on a huge lake in Nicaragua. The architecture is beautiful, and as more Americans and other foreign visitors have discovered its charm, several ethical and sustainable fashion stores have popped up to serve them. You just need to know where to look!

Street Artisans: There will be lots of locals trying to sell you things on the street in Granada, especially on the main strip where a lot of the restaurants are. Some of them are just reselling shoes, sunglasses, or hats made in sweatshops, but others are selling handmade jewelry, accessories, or art which you can watch them craft right before your eyes.

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Aura: (Pictured above) I wanted to buy everything in this boutique: dream catchers and macrame wall hangings, gorgeous jewelry pieces, and beautiful, unique clothes that are made with pedal machines. As I spoke with the young woman in the shop, she told me how everything in the boutique is made by one of her family members, and each person is responsible for a different item. How cool is that?

Thousand Cranes: The Garden Cafe is one of my favorite restaurants… but it also has a really cute shop inside called Thousand Cranes that only carries products that are good for people and planet! You’ll find clothing, chocolate, accessories, and more, all of which are made by local artisans and generate a positive impact in the community.

Calle+Calle: Calle+Calle Artwear carries absolutely beautiful leather goods that you can tell are handmade and high quality.

ETO Fusion Antique and Vintage Shop: This second-hand boutique filled with colorful, unique clothing and accessories is inside El Tercer Ojo.

Volare Gift Shop: Volare is another small, hidden boutique right next to Parque Central that is filled with unique and handmade accessories.

Art Galleries: If you have room in your suitcase to take a painting home, you won’t have a problem finding an amazing original piece from a local artist! There are art galleries all over the place, where you can often watch the artist in action.

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