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The world's trusted guide to sustainable and ethical fashion

The Cutest Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, and Organic Apparel Brands for Babies and Kids

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Ask and you shall receive, readers.

It’s true: We’ve been resistant to covering pretty much anything baby or kid-related up until now. There are a lot of amazing mommy blogs out there, and this just isn’t one of them. But it turns out, when it comes to trusted resources in the category of sustainable, ethical, and organic clothing for children, there’s a shortage. And you’ve asked us enough times that we’re finally compelled to act. Reader activism!

So here you go: our roundup of the best brands for organic, non-toxic apparel for babies and kids.

What to look for in Ethical, Sustainable Children’s Apparel

Earth-Friendly Fabrics and Processes: Most of the brands below use organic cotton, but you can also look for fabrics like TENCEL, hemp, and linen. These natural fibers don’t wreak as much havoc on the environment when they’re washed or thrown out at the end of their life.

Non-Toxic: This might be the most important part to you, for good reason. Little developing humans are more sensitive to smaller amounts of potentially harmful chemicals. That’s why we prioritized baby and kid’s clothing with non-toxic certifications, such as Oeko-Tex, bluesign, GOTS, Ecocert, etc.

Ethical Manufacturing: Needless to say, you don’t want a child making your children’s clothes. You also don’t want a mother being kept away from her children, forced to work in dangerous conditions for an absurd number of hours for very little pay so that she can make your kids’ clothes. The brands below prioritize transparency and fair, safe conditions for their workers.

Resell Value: Your babies are going to grow up fast (sorry!), so when they grow out of their clothes in a month, will you be able to get some money back for them on sites like thredUP?

Here are the Best Brands for Ethical, Organic Clothing for Babies and Kids:


Born in Australia, Boody products are made from sustainably-sourced natural bamboo with a closed-loop water system and non-toxic solvents. Workers are paid a living wage and garments are sewn in a way that significantly reduces fabric waste. They even use recycled cardboard and vegetable-based ink for their packaging.

Certifications: OEKO-TEX, Ecocert, ISO 14001 & ISO 9001, WRAP, SGS, FSC, Peta

Sizes: NB – 18 months

Prices: $11 – $100


On Chic Baby Clothes


Onchic has a wide variety of clothing, swaddles, and accessories for babies, which are made out of GOTS certified organic cotton, OEKO-TEX bamboo, and merino wool sourced from Australia and New Zealand. And of course, everything is free from potentially harmful substances like nickel, lead, formaldehyde, amines, pesticides, chemical dyes, and heavy metals. The founder, Natasha, is a mother of four and personally shops for the pieces she carries, making sure to test each one!

Certifications: OEKO-TEX, GOTS

Sizes: Preemie – 24 months

Prices: $15 – $100


Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson has a huge selection of absolutely adorable organic clothes and accessories for babies and kids, including a huge collection of character clothes with your kids’ favorite Disney, Pixar, Marvel heroes, and more.

Certifications: OEKO-TEX

Sizes: NB – 14 yrs

Prices: $10 – $55


Faire Child

If you’re looking for an eco-conscious raincoat for your kid(s), check out Faire Child. With a focus on circularity, the brand makes durable, waterproof jackets, rain pants, and hats made from recycled plastic bottles and has a take-back program so the coat can be infinitely recycled once your child grows out of it. Everything is ethically handmade in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Certifications: OEKO-TEX, GRS, bluesign

Sizes: 2 – 10 yrs

Prices: $40 – $140



Both Fair Trade and organic, Mightly’s clothes come in super cute patterns and bright solids. They have a variety of fun designs to choose from, whether you’re looking for tees, sweatshirts, leggings, dresses, or PJs. All of their designs are originally hand-drawn by artist, Lili Arnold.

Certifications: GOTS, Fair Trade, SA8000

Sizes: 2T – XL (12)

Prices: $20 – $40



Jackalo was founded by long-time environmentalist Marianna Sachse with the aim to limit the impact children’s clothing has on the planet. Jackalo creates its pieces in energy-efficient factories using organic and sustainably sourced raw materials. It recycles scrap fabrics for reuse where possible, and promotes a culture of repairing and repurposing garments.


Little Lentil Clothing

Little Lentil’s GOTS-certified clothing is so cute and cuddly. Their Send-Back Program allows parents to help keep their child’s clothes in circulation for longer; parents can send back their child’s pre-loved clothes and receive a discount on their next order. Then, the Little Lentil team will resell the pre-loved clothes via their Loved Again program at discounted prices of up to 70% off the price of new items. They also purchase renewable energy credits to offset 100% of their operational and shipping footprint, and their packaging is made from recycled material and is 100% reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable.

Certifications: GOTS

Sizes: NB – 4T

Prices: $6 – $36

art & eden

art & eden is committed to ethics and sustainability throughout their supply chain—they use GOTS certified materials, low impact dyes, recycled packaging, and partner with sustainable factories. They also partner with the secondhand marketplace, Kidizen, for their REWEAR Collective to support the creation and reuse of quality goods. You can check out their in-depth Sustainability Strategy here.

Certifications: GOTS

Sizes: 3 months – 10 yrs

Prices: $12 – $50



Patagonia carries fair trade apparel for babies and kids made from organic cotton and recycled content, with features such as being waterproof and windproof. The brand offers an assortment of PFC-free items, a class of synthetic chemicals that waterproof products, linked to several issues, including various cancers, reproductive disease, and infertility.

Certifications: Fair Trade, bluesign

Sizes: 6 months – XL 

Prices: $19- $99



PACT has baby and kid basics that are certified organic, Fair Trade, and affordable. They use low impact dyes and processes that decrease water use, too.

Certifications: GOTS, Fair Trade

Sizes: NB – 12 yrs

Prices: $5 – $75

Finn + Emma

Finn + Emma’s super cute clothes for babies and toddlers are made with 100% organic cotton, non-toxic and eco-friendly dyes, and lead/nickel-free snaps with coconut inserts. Everything is ethically made in India.

Certifications: GOTS

Sizes: NB – 4T

Prices: $4 – $80

Urban Baby Co.

Urban Baby Co carries handmade, Fair Trade apparel for babies and kids that are made with organic cotton and low-impact, colorfast dyes.

Certifications: GOTS, Fair Trade USA

Sizes: NB – 6T

Prices: $15 – $60

United By Blue

Made from a combination of GOTS organic cotton and recycled polyester, United By Blue has a selection of outdoor-inspired tees and sweats. Everything is made responsibly in Turkey and each purchase removes a pound of trash from our waterways.

Certifications: GOTS

Sizes: 2T – kids XL

Prices: $15 – $44

Mini + Meep

Each adorable Mini + Meep design is hand painted with water color in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Their onesies and tees for babies and toddlers are all made in the USA out of organic cotton and eco-friendly, water-based inks. Plus, everything is shipped in recycled and recyclable packaging and each purchase provides meals to children in need through their partnership with MANNA food bank.

Certifications: GOTS

Sizes: NB – 6T

Prices: $25 – $35

Mini Mioche

Mini Mioche fabrics are knit in Toronto using organic cotton and bamboo and dyed using low-impact, non-toxic dyes. Garment workers are paid a living wage in a factory that’s 20 minutes from their headquarters. All packaging is recycled and plastic-free, and they partner regularly with non-profits like The Trevor Project.

Certifications: GOTS

Sizes: NB – 12 yrs

Prices: $18 – $62


thredUP is the largest online consignment store and they check their clothing for quality and functionality before shipping it to you. They sell a wide variety of brands, including conventional (nonorganic) ones, so this is a great option if affordability is a higher priority than certifications. Experts have also told us that secondhand clothing has usually had any potentially toxic finishes long washed away, so it’s safer than fresh fast fashion for your kids.

Sizes: All

Prices: $3 – $100

Everlasting Wardrobe

Solving the always-growing-out-of-everything problem, Everlasting Wardrobe is a monthly apparel rental membership for kids where you can rent high-quality, eco-friendly, and seasonally appropriate clothing. Your kids can wear the clothes as much as they want for 30 days, and then you either buy them or send them back and get something else (with free shipping both ways). Once an item is retired from the platform, Everlasting Wardrobe donates all inventory to charity partners. Anything too damaged to donate is sent to recycling partners to eliminate textile waste in landfills.

Certifications: Various (depending on the brand)

Sizes: 6 months – 12 yrs

Prices: Membership starts at $40 / month.

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