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Beauty Review: Is Everyday Minerals a Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Alternative to bareMinerals?

Last month when I was wandering the floor at Natural Products Expo West, I stopped by a booth for a makeup company called Everyday Minerals. I was curious, because I’ve been using bareMinerals for some time, and had an inkling I should find a replacement. bareMinerals isn’t so toxic, but I feel like there is always room for improvement, right?

The very nice girl working the booth told me that Everyday Minerals is indeed less toxic than bareMinerals, and that her skin had actually cleared up after she made the switch. Intrigued, I took home some samples to try for myself. Here’s what I found:

The Price

Everyday Minerals is very much cheaper than bareMinerals. For example, BM’s concealer costs $18 while EDM’s costs $9. However, it might be worth paying for the built-in SPF broad spectrum protection you get in bareMinerals products.

Winner: Everyday Minerals by a mile

The Look

When I tried on Everyday Minerals, I felt that I had a healthier, more fresh and shimmery glow. And their concealer gave me as much coverage over blemishes and under-eye circles, without the heavy, powdery look.

Winner: Everyday Minerals

The Ingredients

As far as ingredients, let’s start by comparing the finishing powders using ratings on the consumer ingredient research website Skin Deep. bareMinerals lists the questionable ingredient titanium dioxide as the first ingredient, while EDM lists it under “may contain.” They both have corn starch as  a main ingredient. BM has zinc, silica, magnesium stearate–all fine ingredients. EDM has mica and black currant extract–also both fine. Both “may contain” iron oxide, which is fine. Good Guide also lists the finishing powder from Everyday Minerals as definitely healthier.

Winner: Everyday Minerals

In comparing the concealers, BareMinerals has Bismuth Oxychloride, which is fine, many of the above ingredients that are deemed safe, plus the questionable ingredient ultramarines. EDM has many of the safe ingredients listed in the finishing powder and nothing else. However, if we turn to Good Guide, another consumer product research site, it lists the concealer from bareMinerals as just a tiny bit healthier.

Winner: Unclear

Finally, let’s compare the most important one: the base/foundation powders. Everyday Minerals contains mica, lauroyl lysine, and may contain titanium dioxide, zinc oxides and ultramarines. Lauroyl lysine is a controversial ingredient. Not because it’s toxic–it’s perfectly clean, being derived from coconuts. However, some people claim that when Everyday Minerals reformulated their base to contain this ingredient a few years ago, their skin started breaking out. I haven’t found that to be a problem with me. bareMinerals also contains titanium dioxide, bismuth oxychloride (clean), iron oxides and mica.

Winner: bareMinerals

Other Considerations

According to Good Guide, both score low on environmental and social measures. And both come in plastic containers. I have found the containers for Everyday Minerals to be harder to screw shut.

Winner: bareMinerals by a hair


As far as ingredients go, neither Everyday Minerals or Bare Minerals outshines the other. But I enjoyed the look of Everyday Minerals better, and it’s much less expensive. Having tried it for myself, I’m ready to make the switch permanently to Everyday Minerals.

If you want to try Everyday Minerals for yourself, you can find all their products on VitaCost.

Tell me: Have you tried bareMinerals or Everyday Minerals? What’s been your experience?

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