Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

Take a Peek in My Medicine Cabinet and See My Clean Beauty Routine

I’ve successfully addressed my acne, and now I’m focusing on anti-aging and preventing wrinkles with non-toxic beauty products with proven anti-aging ingredients.

So here it is: everything I love and use, and nothing I don’t, in my clean beauty routine for acne and wrinkles.

My morning and night clean skin routine for preventing acne and wrinkles

TOP: I have mild acne, though I’ve managed to clear it up with my clean beauty routine to the point where I get a blemish about once every two weeks. After a shower, I smooth Kyprus healing serum on my face. I’ve been feeling self conscious about how my nose is darker than the rest of my face. My (conventional) dermatologist told me it’s broken capillaries (thanks, college drinking) and told me to buy a conventional product. When I pressed her, she said the active ingredient was vitamin K. So I smooth this organic vitamin K serum from Queen Bee skincare onto my nose. (You could also try Kahina Giving Beauty Prickly Pear Seed oil, for the same active ingredient.) Then I massage Kyprus Healing Bouquet onto the rest of my face. I love both the Kyprus products so much – they really addressed my acne in a luscious, nourishing way – that I went out and got more when I ran out! I use Meow Meow Tweet’s vegan and organic deodorant stick on my pits. And if I’m headed outside, on goes the Kari Gran three sixty five SPF 28 moisturizer on my face and decollaté.

(By the way, many of these products you can buy online from the non-toxic beauty boutique Credo Beauty, or in person at their NYC or San Francisco stores!)

At night, I scrub my face with Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser, a 4-in-1 product that is free of soaps, alcohols and detergents. It has fresh enzymes, clays and essential oils, and microspherical beads to polish the skin and reduce appearance of blackheads. It has a fresh, citrusy scent, and strikes just the right tone for me between squeaky clean and moisturized. I follow that with the Marie Veronique Gentle Retinol Night Serum, which has the proven anti-aging ingredients retinol, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Because I’m getting old, y’all, and I don’t want wrinkles! While that sinks in, I brush my teeth and floss with Tom’s of Maine. And then I massage in an old favorite, Kahina Night Cream.

Alden Wicker // EcoCult's clean beauty routine

Here we have dry shampoo from One Love Organics. I use this John Masters Organics argan oil to take off eye makeup, plus smooth on my wavy hair for natural, bouncy shine. Brooklyn Beach Hair gets me the best summer waves, and smells divine. Then you see a homemade plantain herb and sunflower oil tincture. (I made it in this class last year.) TMI alert: My waxer told me I wouldn’t get ingrown hairs if I moisturized down there with an oil. Plaintain herb is a safe remedy for abrasions and inflammation, so this is the perfect solution! The pump bottle is MyHavtorn Organic Body oil, which I smooth on those parts of my body (underarms, boobies) which seem to be losing their elasticity. (I told you. I’m old. Arm wrinkles are a thing.)

When I have time between my workout and shower, I mix up one of these exfoliating clay masks from Herbivore and smooth it on my face with my May Lindstrom treatment brush (So crucial, I totally recommend it) and then check email while it dries. If I wake up in the morning and I’m not taking a shower right away, I’ll spritz some apple cider vinegar into one of the reusable cotton pad in the jar and smooth it on my nose. I have no idea if this will work, but a friend told me about how you can banish age spots by doing this, so I’m trying to get rid of sun of my sun freckles, which are so numerous they are fusing together. I’ll let you know how it goes. I don’t want to go in for a chemical peel, but if I get desperate …after that I will lightly spritz my whole face with Flynn & King Balance Facial Toner to refresh and wake myself up. The tiny roll-on of Osea Essential Corrective Complex is for when I get a blemish, it really tames the inflammation.

Alden Wicker // EcoCult's clean beauty routine

At the top … just boring generic medicine. Aspirin, etc. The lemon essential oil is for when I clean my toilet bowl, actually. I throw in a half cup of baking soda, a half cup of vinegar, a few drops of the lemon essential oil, and then scrub it down. The bottom is where I have all the natural remedies: eucalyptus oil for colds, lavender oil for dabbing on a blemish before I go to bed, tea tree oil for the same thing in theory, but actually mostly for a natural replacement for Goo Gone. It takes labels off in a snap! Then we have a tin of band-aids, honey as a natural replacement for neosporin, Arnicare for pain, a little cotton bag with my menstrual cup, and oregano oil. It tastes like shit, but putting a couple of drops in the bag of my throat really does block an incoming cold!

And that is it! I hope you got some good tips.

Tell me: Do you use any of these products, or have other favorites for acne or preventing wrinkles? Let me know in the comments!


  • Alden Wicker

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