Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

5 Artisan and Ethical Workshops in India That Are Accepting Orders From Designers

There's a reason why so many artisan brands produce in India. It's a huge country, geographically and culturally, whose varying climates and rich diversity of traditions drawn from its 1.3 billion people can provide pretty much everything you need to go from seed to sewn within its borders.

There are the arid cotton fields of Gujarat in the west, the traditional weaving in mountainous Varanasi to the north, silk farms in Bangalore in the South, the leather tanneries of Kalkota in the East, and skilled tailors and sewing units in every large city, just to name a few resources at India's disposal. The government is also an active supporter of artisanship, providing funding and infrastructure to organizations and cooperatives who are certified as traditional makers. And India is not one of those countries where items get inexplicably lost in the mail or customs. "Import and export for artisan items is easier," says Devonne Niam of the Singapore-based artisan brand MATTER Prints. "The most important thing is the sourcing of the materials. Let’s say we’re doing block printing. It’s very easy for our artisan block printers to source the cotton, and then send it to sewing. "

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