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A Night of Green Beauty Brought Together Every Green New Yorker Ever

S.W. Basics
A custom braid done by a James Corbett hairdresser

Apologies that I don’t have more photos to share from A Night of Green Beauty, the over-the-top awesome non-toxic beauty event at James Corbett Studio. I was so busy “Hiiii!”-ing and hugging and talking, I didn’t have a chance! Next time I will try to stay focused.

S.W. Basics

First I stopped by to say hi to Adina of S.W. Basics, a skincare brand made in Brooklyn that everyone is in love with these days. Adina is departing for her honeymoon today, but I managed to get an interview with her in this week, so keep an eye out. I also said a quick hello to LURK perfumer Anne. I wanted to ask her about her long weekend in the Hamptons, but she was so busy talking with smitten ladies, I couldn’t have a conversation. So I just waved hello. I also checked out La Bella Figura. Oh my God, the Buenos Aires perfume. I want to tape a bottle of it below my nose for easy and constant whiffing. I have a little sample of Dr. Alkaitis to try, too.

Jess Marati, Carrie Parry, Juliette Donatelli
Jessica Marati, Carrie Parry, Juliette Donatelli

Can’t forget the green bloggers in attendance: Emma Grady of Past Fashion Future, Johanna Björk of Goodlifer, Juliette Donatteli of Spades+siLK, Jessica Marati of Tout Le Monde and EcoSalonAmy Dufault sporting a brand new haircut, and Garcy Fry of Eco Diva BeautyI had a quick chat with a Marie Claire reporter, giving her tips on my favorite beauty brands, and chatted briefly with Carrie Parry, the sustainable designer.

I’m sure there were many, many more amazing women I just couldn’t meet and have a conversation with. The place was so mobbed, it was hard to move! So I spent much of my time in Corbett’s amazing back patio, sipping on pressed juice with a champagne topper. When I found out you can get a mani pedi back there, I was elated. Just the thing for a nice, relaxing goodbye to summer, don’t you think?

Rachel Kibbe of Helpsy

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