Sustainable and toxin-free living

Sustainable and toxin-free living

A Minimalist, Ethically Made Watch for Both Men and Women

Along with loafers, organic jeans, crisp white button-downs, and leather jackets, add another item to the list of wardrobe basics we’ve borrowed from the boys: the classic engineering NATO watch.*

Everything about this watch is suited to the minimalist’s lifestyle – the spare white face with black hands looks good on anyone’s wrist, petite or thick. And the interchangeable leather straps are simply cut with no stitching, so you can easily bring one to your local cobbler to get it precisely fitted to your wrist. (This is what I did. I have itty bitty hands!)

Minimalist // classic engineering NATO watch is unisex and has interchangeable leather straps

The designer, Eduardo Umaña, was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to Miami at age 15. By his senior year at Swarthmore, where he was studying engineering, he launched his company classic engineering with a limited number of classic NATO’s that he made himself and sold to friends and family. Now the precisely yet simply designed NATO watches are available for sale in nine tempting combinations: the face in gold, black, and silver, and the straps – which you can slip right out from under the face – in chianti, black, and natural.

Umaña sourced the highest quality materials: case machined and ceramic treated right here in the U.S, swiss movement and assembly, sapphire crystal, and a beautiful leather strap handmade in Amsterdam. The leather is vegetable tanned, full-grain sourced from Tuscany, Italy (in other words, the absolute best leather).  Even the packaging, solid acrylic and raw paper, is all made here in the U.S. The watch comes flatpacked in an remarkably economical container.

Minimalist // classic engineering NATO watch comes in this simple packaging

It’s as if he took Occam’s Razor to the process of watch making and produced the ultimate watch. More affordable than Shinola, more thoughtful than anything in the department store, and with the option to easily change the color out to suits all your outfits, this might just be a lifetime watch.

One more tip from me: Hide it from your dude.

*I received a free one to test. 

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