This post is sponsored by Azura Bay, a curated collection of luxurious and socially conscious lingerie, swim, and loungewear brands. 

“Did you bring that white lacy bodysuit?” my now-husband eagerly asked, as I rifled through my duffle in our minimoon cabin in the Hamptons. I turned and raised my eyebrow at him. “Yes.”


How easy it is to please men. On our wedding night, he had already, ahem, seen the white lacy bodysuit that Azura Bay had sent to me as a wedding gift, a little number that hits all my curves perfectly. But I decided to pack it anyway, along with the entire contents of my lingerie drawer, for our three nights away after the wedding.

And it was so lovely to have all of it on hand! I loved pulling out pretty thing after pretty thing, slipping them on, and watching his reaction. It felt luxurious for myself, too. I decided I should make more use of these pretty things, instead of saving them just for special occasions. Satin rompers every day!

Plus, we are going to plan a longer, proper, honeymoon later this year. So, now that I have a little experience, here’s what I know to pack:

A Romper or Babydoll Top

You’ll want something to put on for when you are lounging around your resort room and snuggling into bed. Something that is comfortable, but also says that you are just an inherently sexy person even when you are not specifically trying to seduce your partner. It’s the #iwokeuplikethis of lingerie. Try a babydoll top with matching undies. Or a romper, which is the same thing, but one piece, and thus easier to pull out of your bag and slip on as a surprise when he/she isn’t looking.

Mix-and-Match White Lacy Lingerie

For wearing in your room and also under your sundress. If it’s all in white lace, he or she won’t notice that the lace isn’t quite the same pattern if you mix it up.

Something Fancy and Impractical

You cannot wear this underneath your clothing because of all its ribbons, ruffles, and ties. That’s the point: it has one purpose and one purpose only. Wink. 

Something Practical But Cute

Eventually you’ll leave the hotel room, and you’ll want something to wear under the tee shirt and shorts that you’ll put on for the walking tour of the local organic farm, or the stroll through the quiet nature preserve. Because women can be chill and sexy.

A Bodysuit

Because there really is nothing sexier. Plus, you can layer it under jeans for your next music festival or night out.

A Bustier

This is the one that goes under a traditional wedding dress. I didn’t wear a traditional wedding dress (the only thing I could wear was nipple pasties and a high waisted, nude briefs), but that certainly doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy vamping it up later! This one comes with removable straps, too.

A Kimono or Robe

To casually throw on before stepping out onto your balcony to take in the fresh air, or opening the door to let in room service bearing a tray of fresh fruit and coffee.