eco-friendly swimsuits

This post originally appeared on Konscious World, an eco sanctuary for modern citizens striving to enjoy the beauties in life while bettering the world around them.

Do you love the ocean and its infinite shades of blue? Do you enjoy snorkeling to explore our underwater world? Do you daydream of going on exotic getaways to picturesque beaches?

I do, too. But after finding out that our petro-based clothes (think polyester, nylon, neoprene, etc.) inevitably shed nonbiodegradable plastic microfibers into our waters, thereby contaminating our oceans and intoxicating our sea’s fascinating creatures; and after learning about how certain sunscreen chemicals can bleach and kill off our coral reefs,  I began contemplating:

How can I proclaim myself a beach lover if everything I wear (i.e., sunscreen, clothes, etc.) into the ocean directly aggravates environmental pollution and harms our sea creatures in some way?

So I started researching.

To my pleasant surprise, sunscreens tested to be safe for our reefs pretty much all have “reef-safe” labels on them, making them easy to pick out at supermarkets (as long as we care to check the labels). Some of my go-to sunscreens include ones from Badger’s Balm, MyChelle, and DeVita.

And several fashion companies already make (stylish) swimsuits using reclaimed or recycled materials. Although recycled plastic microfibers can still shed off from their source fabrics, the reuse of them helps to conserve our resources and reduce the overall amount of virgin, nonbiodegradable trash we generate (and then pollute our lands or waters with).

In this post, I’m going to share with you 7 eco-conscious swimwear brands that I love. While I highly encourage you to make as much use as possible out of swimsuits you already own (#30wears challenge), I hope this list (not in any particular order) will be helpful to you next time you’re looking for a new, thoughtfully made bikini or one-piece.

See the gorgeous Kamea modeling these eco swimwear brands at Konscious World!