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1×1’s New Mix And Match Capsule Collection Is Built For All Seasons

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Seasons are out. Collections are in.

1×1 is on the vanguard of the great disruption of the way our clothing is produced and sold. By slowing things down and encouraging consumers to purchase each piece of their wardrobe one by one, the brand is able to deliver customers with luxury clothing that outlasts the seasons.

1×1 has just launched the campaign for its next collection. Right now, EcoCult readers can score 20% off your purchase when you sign up for the 1×1 newsletter here or when you use the code MIXMATCH20.

Rising Beyond The ‘Trends’

Brands used to release collections four times per year, one for each season. With the rise of fast fashion and throwaway trends, however, big companies are releasing around 52 collections per year! Yes, that is a collection every single week. As you can imagine, when brands are cranking out clothing this quickly, the quality is lacking.

1×1 was started by Ashley Denisov as a counterpoint to this madness. She began her career in the tech industry, creating user experiences in the ecommerce space while taking fashion design and patternmaking classes at night. Ashley moved from the Bay Area to Los Angeles, using her experience to launch her own sustainable fashion brand and online store in October 2016.

1×1’s pieces stand the test of time. Everything is made in Los Angeles in collaboration with local craftsmen and manufacturers, which allows the brand to maintain transparency, quality control, and boost the local economy, while also ensuring employees are being treated and paid fairly.

By doing all the design and patternmaking herself, Ashley is able to create pieces that are not only high-quality, but meant to be mixed and matched, layered, and worn year-round. Coming from the working in an office all day, Ashley also wanted to create designs for professional women, clothing them in luxury, work-approved pieces that are more unique than a pantsuit.

She’s also very particular about the fit and wants to make sure 1×1’s pieces will truly look good on your body, which is why she is insistent on creating the patterns herself from scratch.

1×1 does not use any synthetic fabrics. Instead, they use Tencel and wool. Their wool is sourced from a 100-year-old sustainable ranch in Oregon which treats its sheep humanely. This is another reason why 1×1’s collections are released slowly; in order for this wool to be obtained sustainably, the brand has to work with the sheep’s shearing schedule!

Tencel is made out of eucalyptus tree pulp, is biodegradable, and requires very little water to grow when compared to other often-used plants like cotton. The Tencel used by 1×1 is gathered from sustainably run farms and is processed using a non-toxic solvent that is almost 100% recycled in the production process.

The Newest Collection

1×1’s new 03 Mix and Match collection is available for pre-sale now. “When I started researching the collection, I was gathering a lot of images of costumes for Diana Rigg from the Avengers,” Ashley says. “I wanted to take the essence of that fashionable superhero and translate those elements with soft fabrics and feminine prints.” The belted pants and skirt are a nod to vintage designs from the 60s. Since every piece is available in black or colored print, they can easily be mixed and matched.

Made from 100% Tencel, the prints in this collection are a limited run: once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Right now, EcoCult readers can score 20% off your purchase when you sign up for the 1×1 newsletter here. Items will be delivered mid-September.

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