Actress Parker Posey speaking in support of the ABC CSA

Actress Parker Posey speaking in support of the ABC CSA

Everyone loves the idea of a CSA, a.k.a Community Supported Agriculture a.k.a. farm share: You pay in the spring, and every week or two weeks through the fall, you receive a box of locally-grown goodies straight from the farm. You get incredibly fresh food, and you get to brag about how you’re supporting local agriculture–the farms use the influx of cash at the beginning of the growing season to run their operations. Win-win, right?

In practice however, it’s not always as fun as it might seem. Usually, you have to go pick up the food at a set time and place each week, which is the opposite of convenient, and precludes most New Yorkers–who work from 9 to late–from participating. And then, there’s what you get. At first, you’re pumped with the variety of goodies in your box. As the summer wears on, however, you start to grow bored of getting five giant cucumbers two weeks in a row, then enough tomatoes to supply Little Italy for a night. After a while, you’re stuffing uneaten produce in your compost bin feeling like a failure.

Local, pasture-raised meat

The kind of delicious, local meats you’ll get every two weeks.

The ABC brand (Kitchen, Carpet & Home, Cocina) has led the way in making sustainable living luxurious and pleasurable. And they’ve done it again with their CSA. In its second year, ABCCSA has been refined to include all the good parts–supporting local small farms, the surprise and delight of incredibly fresh food showing up every two weeks–but making it better and more convenient. First, they’ll messenger over your box, if you for some unfathomable reason can’t make it over to pick it up from their Union Square location. But more importantly, this CSA is a carefully curated assortment of goods from several farms, so that you get a for-real variety of fruits and vegetables to work with every couple of weeks. Bye, grocery schlepping. The cherry on top is that each box comes with recipes by ABC Kitchen’s Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Oh, and you even get access to a “farmcierge,” who can help you with any problems, and even–if you’re tired of cooking–secure you a reservation at the coveted ABC Kitchen. The program is in partnership with the FarmOn! Foundation.

Lauren Singer of Trash Is for Tossers drinking a fruit cocktail at the CSA celebration

Lauren Singer of Trash Is for Tossers drinking a fruit cocktail at the CSA launch party

Here’s how it works: beginning in June and running through October, your membership will encompass a twice monthly delivery of fresh produce, cheese, meats, and other provisions. Two packages are available for purchase to cater to varying diets and budgets, pick up will be in abcmkt (on the lower level of ABC Home).

Farm Lover (vegetarian share): $1,300
Ten deliveries (bi-monthly) Hudson valley organic bio-dynamic greens, organic vegetables, local Hudson Valley fruit, artisan Hudson Valley creameries/cheese, local free-range, hormone-free eggs, local specialty food products, recipes and ABC Kitchen reservation access.

Farmer’s Choice (organic grass-fed, free-range meat plus vegetarian share): $2,000
Ten deliveries (bi-monthly) of organic grass-fed mix of beef, chicken and pork plus entirety of vegetarian share (listed above, including recipes, and ABC Kitchen reservation access).

C’est gentile, n’est pas? But let’s talk about the price, which may strike you as high. You’re basically paying $130 every two weeks for the vegetarian share, which includes top-quality produce, cheese, eggs, and local specialty food products. (Oooh, what could those be?) That’s is cheap, my friends. And it’s $200 per box of all that plus delicious meats, which switch up every week between cuts like bacon, lamb sausage, and beef, among other things.

How to Get It

If you are interested in purchasing a share, please contact Margo Silverman ( for details.

Tell us in the comments: Have you ever been a part of a CSA? How did it go?