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Eco Lingerie Review: Ayten Gasson's Peace Silk Collection

Eco Lingerie Review: Ayten Gasson’s Peace Silk Collection

Any conscious shopper knows that finding sustainable and ethical lingerie can be one of the biggest challenges for eco-fashion devotees. While more and more companies are embracing conscious mindsets, finding truly ethical and sustainable lingerie with high production standards is no easy feat. What’s more, though many eco-friendly underwear labels out there feature simple designs for everyday wear, few offer sophisticated, high-end garments that are...
  • Sustainable and Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts for the Eco-Friendly Girl

    Sustainable and Thoughtful Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Eco-Friendly Girl

    I’m not writing this for my readers. I’m writing this for the significant others my readers love, the ones who are sort of paralyzed by Valentine’s Day gift giving for their girlfriend because there is already so much pressure, and now on top of that, they are dating someone who eats organic, uses only non-toxic beauty...
    The 17 Ethical and Sustainable Lingerie Brands You Should Know

    The 17 Ethical and Sustainable Lingerie Brands You Should Know

    Sponsored by Azura Bay, an online boutique specializing in luxurious ethical and sustainable lingerie and swimwear.  Though for several years, sustainable and ethical apparel labels like Zady and Everlane have been taking the fashion world by storm, lingerie lines that are ethical or eco-friendly remained few and far between. Fortunately, designers are recognizing the importance of creating...