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Why Ethical Fashion Loves "Direct to Consumer" (and You Should Too)

Why Ethical Fashion Loves “Direct to Consumer” (and You Should Too)

The moment I understood – really grasped in its entirety – what “direct-to-consumer” means, my mind got blown. It’s  not a hard concept to wrap your head around. But I don’t think many consumers get the full import of it. Because if they did, well, everyone might shop differently. To explain, let’s start by describing...
  • Weekend Reading: It's OK to Be a Sustainable Hypocrite. That's Not the Point

    Weekend Reading: It’s OK to Be a Sustainable Hypocrite. That’s Not the Point

    Me, Elsewhere on the Internet + I researched for this infographic on the big difference between a $400 and $4,000 dress. | Refinery29 + Can festivals be 100% sustainable? They’re getting close! | mindbodygreen Big Ideas + Changing the system, not perfecting our own lives, is the point. “Hypocrisy” is the price of admission in this battle. | NY Times + “Instead,...