perfume-locket-front_1024x1024Perhaps you would like to indulge in something for yourself this Valentine’s Day, that you can indulge in through the spring?

I love this Forager Botanicals collaboration with Brooklyn-based, sustainable jewelry designer Lindsey Eisentraut to create these special Rose Solid Perfume Lockets. The circular pendant lockets have rose petal engravings on each side, and–if you so wish–you can add up to five single thorn charms on the chain. To signify past loves or heartbreaks, perhaps?

The solid natural perfume created by Forager Botanicals uses organic and wildcrafted essential oils from three different types of roses, and a creamy beeswax base for a soft, blooming scent.

Eisentraut only uses ethically-sourced metals that are refined from scrap, old or broken jewelry, etc, and all her jewelry is made in her Brooklyn studio, making for a self-gift with only good energy emanating with its carefully crafted metal petals.

You can buy the locket at Forager Botanicals for $225.