Ethical Writers Coalition

If you haven’t noticed, I’m not the only sustainable blogger out there who likes pretty things. In fact, I’m not even the only ethically-focused blogger in NYC. There’s a whole crop of us, putting beautiful, interesting, conscious articles out on the internet in an effort to persuade consumers to go a little more organic with their purchases and actions.

Well, now it’s a conspiracy.

JK. But actually.

Having run into these cool, intelligent, stylish ladies at event after event, finding myself sharing gossip and tips with them, I thought, “Why not make this a thing?” So I got them together and we formed the Ethical Writers Coalition, or Ethical Writers Co., for short.

Right now, we have six members: Juliette Donatelli of Spades+siLK (sustainable fashion in NYC), Emma Grady of Past Fashion Future (vintage and sustainable fashion in NYC), Dominique Fu of Let’s Be Fair (Fair Trade and ethical shopping in California), Jacquelyn Lewis of The Stylish Kind (vegan fashion in NYC), Elizabeth Stilwell of The Note Passer (ethical living in NYC), Ana Wang of The Distillerist (conscious fashion in Vancouver), and me.

We travel in packs from sustainable event to sustainable event. We email each other constantly. You might have noticed us throwing a party, hosting a swap, and sponsoring a fashion discussion. But I’ve kept it on the DL because we wanted to make some decisions about how we wanted to run the network and if we wanted new members.

Well, now I’m ready to tell the world: Ethical Writers Co. exists, and you can hang out with us!

If you’re a writer, blogger, journalist, graphic designer, photographer, or any other creative who specializes in sustainable or ethical topics, you can apply to be a member right here. We’re also accepting international members, because who doesn’t like having a friend in a foreign city? Membership is $20 a year, and gets you:

  • Featured on the Ethical Writer’s Co. website
  • Free entry to all of our events
  • Access to brands that you’ve been dying to work with
  • An invitation to our private email list, full of discussions, advice, tips, event invitations, and knowledge sharing so that you can improve your blog and expand your reach

Of course, we’re not accepting just anybody. You need to be focused on sustainability, and serious about your craft. That’s why there is an application process. We’re not opposed to weirdos, but we are opposed to posers.

Oh, and if you are a brand who wants to meet us, you can also get in touch with all of us at once right here.

Cool, right? Can’t wait to meet you!