I’ve been keeping my eye on the designs of CrOp by David Peck for some time. Designed and made in Texas, the full line includes ladylike sheaths and maxi dresses, blouses and pencil skirts, and even some vibrant evening gowns. And everything uses low-impact printing methods and organic, fair trade and natural fibers.

The thing is, these society-lady items are priced accordingly, from $200 up to $1,500. So I bided my time, hoping my favorites wouldn’t sell out while I waited for a sale. Well, some things in my size did disappear, but when the sale finally came, I pounced on a sherbet dress with a mullet hem (great for short people like me!) and this beautiful blouse in apricote, made of silk crepe de chine and silk chiffon.

Eco-friendly blouse

I paired my blouse with conventional red jeans from Current/Elliot and conventional nude heels from Steve Madden. The backpack is from Hiptipico, whose clothes, shoes, accessories, and home goods are made by artisans in Guatemala.

I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret of fashion: When you see a label saying, for example, “Made in Italy,”  the fabric or leather was probably manufactured, cut and assembled elsewhere, and just finished in Italy.

But the fabric and leather for this backpack was made, dyed, and stitched in Guatemala, and the backpack was assembled there too. This is the real deal, and really helps women there thrive. It’s sturdy, roomy enough for my laptop, shoes and more, and sits comfortably on my shoulders. I bought it for use on my bike, but now I’m carrying it everywhere!

eco-friendly blouse and backpack

Notice how the blouse provides subtle exposure in the back, but the front paneling keeps it from getting trashy. I finished off my outfit with a pair of modern Dubai sunglasses in honey from ECO, made from 95% recycled materials.

Eco-friendly blouse and sunglasses

As for the braiding: I gave my self a side braided fishtail, but with my short hair, the result was a stiff, stubby braid. So on a whim I wound it into a bun at the base of my neck, and I loved how it looked! I think next time I’ll just use a small, clear band instead of a black one, to refine it a little more.

Fishtail braid bun Fishtail braid bun Fishtail braid bun

All photos by Trevor Wilson.