Life Factory food storage containers discount

Eco-friendly people have this thing about food storage.

Conventional people stuff their cabinets with Ziploc reusable containers, Tupperware, and takeout containers that spill out every time you open the cabinet (but never enough lids). To them, this is the most uninteresting and annoying part of the kitchen. But the sustainable set takes the task of putting away extra food seriously, for the following reasons:

  • We really hate waste. So we store everything that might have a conceivable function in a future meal.
  • We cook from scratch a lot. Which means we have a lot of ingredients to store.
  • We hate plastic, so we’re always in the prowl for glass alternatives.
  • We like to take food with us–as snacks or lunches–so as to avoid the heinous fast food options we might encounter throughout our day.

Conventional people might find it weird how excited I got about the storage containers Lifefactory sent over.* And even I, when I agreed to try them, thought to myself, “OK. Food storage containers. Useful.”

But they are actually the coolest ones I’ve ever tried. They are BPA-free and microwave, oven, dishwasher and freezer safe (so you can use them as bakeware). They have the silicone sleeve around them for better gripping and breakage prevention. (I once dropped my other glass storage container and it shattered–itty bitty bits of glass for daaaaays–so that is important to me. ) But my favorite part is the little button tabs that secure the top for transportation. It’s like, “Doop, doop! Done.” Very satisfying. As soon as I started using the containers, I dug into my cabinet and got rid of the plastic containers I inherited from my roommate whose lids never stay on.

So make fun of me if you want. (My boyfriend already has.) These things are dope and I want them in every size for every foodstuff ever.

Giveaway and Discount:

And Lifefactory also offered me a chance to do a giveaway! All you have to do is comment below and tell me whether you would like the food storage containers or the nifty little silicone-sleeve wine glasses. (Hi, rooftop wine sesh.) Giveaway ends on July 18th at midnight.

Or just pop over to Lifefactory and go on a shopping spree with this 10% discount with code life10

*I got them free to try out.