Conscious/Sustainable/Ethical bloggers are so different than conventional ones!

Most of the emails I get on a daily basis are from brands and businesses who would like EcoCult to feature them. And because of the volume I receive, I am simply unable to respond to every pitch.

Many pitches get filtered out because they are simply on a subject I don’t cover. Others, they aren’t my aesthetic or lifestyle. And some I delete because I find them to be greenwashing or presumptuous.

It seems there are a lot of professionals out there who haven’t figured this whole “pitching bloggers” thing out yet. Either because – even though they are experienced PR professionals – they are unfamiliar with how conscious bloggers differ from mainstream ones, or because they are bootstrapping their small business and trying to do their own PR. And, to be fair, there aren’t many rules out there when it comes to bloggers. Because we work for ourselves, what some bloggers will be excited about, others will be pissed about.

However, after doing this for two and a half years, plus spending countless hours gossiping and gabbing with other ethical bloggers, I have a pretty good sense of what works and what doesn’t. So I’ve put it all into a guide for you!

If you think your business would interest me, I strongly encourage you to download and read my guide, How to Pitch a Conscious Blogger, before you email me or other conscious bloggers.

If you are a PR professional who has one or two sustainable clients in your portfolio, you will find this useful for outlining how you should change your approach when pitching conscious bloggers. If you are a small business owner who is new to PR, you will find this guide a useful bootcamp for getting coverage from bloggers.

You are not required to download this guide in order to get coverage from EcoCult. If you’ve got this pitching thing down, then by all means, skip the guide and go ahead and pitch me! However, if you follow the instructions inside, your chances of getting coverage from me and other bloggers will increase – just because your editorial coverage strategy will have improved. At the very least, you will approach each conversation with more confidence and ease, and isn’t that worth $20 in itself?

Download the e-book:

How to Pitch a Conscious Blogger

  • Whether you’re a PR agency representing a sustainable brand as part of your portfolio, or a small sustainable business hoping to get some exposure, this guide will help you navigate the world of conscious bloggers with ease. I’m going to tell you what motivates sustainable bloggers, and how to get the right blogger to write about you, and – most importantly – how to set the stage for a long, fruitful relationship.