Melissa Joy Manning engagement ring

This blog is about sustainable living, but really, it’s about my sustainable life.

And now that I’m engaged, I’m going to be digging into the sh*%show that is the wedding industry to uncover the best sustainable … well, everything! And I want to share all my findings with you in my signature, no-B.S., it-had-better-be-beautiful style.

Coming up, I’ll ask NYC venues hard questions about how sustainable they are. I’ll reveal my findings on how to find an ethically-made wedding dress. I’ll profile flower vendors in NYC that source locally (plus how to find a good florist if you’re not in NYC), round up sustainable yet chic favor ideas, and so much more.

But I don’t want to miss anything (or anyone) important. So, please! Email me, tag me on Instagram, tweet at me, holla at me, share with me your conscious wedding business or the wedding vendors you’re so into. I’ll take a look at decide whether they are up to EcoCult’s standards. Which are: beautiful, useful, sustainable.

Together, we’ll crack this one open so it’s a little bit easier for conscious brides to plan the day of their dreams with no (or hardly any; it’s a wedding) compromises on their values.