I spend the week sorting through all the hysterical, boring, overwrought, dumb and ugly stuff, to bring you those little gems that will make you smarter, more interesting, more fashionable, and (of course!) more sustainable. Et voila:

You can now get these things call Farmer’s Eggs from Fresh Direct and they’re the most sustainable eggs out there! Find out why.

Yes, we all know fish oil supplements are pretty much the only thing you should take. But unfortunately, supplement companies are lying to you about what’s in the little capsules they sell.

There was some gorgeous stuff coming out of the Berlin Greenshowroom last week.

The NYC farmer’s markets, AKA Greenmarkets, are offering loyalty punch card for those intrepid enough to go shopping in the winter.

The gals at No More Dirty Looks have convinced me to drink warm water with lemon day. Read for yourself. 

Look, I know you love scrubbing your face and body, but make sure you’re not using the kind with plastic microbeads, because they are death for waterways. I mean, Jesus, sugar scrubs are, like, the easiest thing to make!

Best. Video. Ever. about where your clothes come from.

SeaWorld has been defending itself against Blackfish bad press by retorting that its wildlife rescue programs are essential. But it spends only 0.0006% of its profits on them. Are you fucking kidding me? 

Ralph Lauren’s Sochi Olympics uniforms may be a whole lot of ugly, but at least they’re made in the US this time.

When large corporations like Coca-Cola start factoring climate change into their business plans, you know that this shit is for real.

The quick and dirty guide to consigning in New York.