Refinery 29 billed this video as “Check Out Alexa Chung’s Thrifting Tips,” which is a bit misleading. The tips are:  1. Do smell it. 2. Don’t not wash it.

It’s really more of an homage to Alexa Chung herself, with just her going on in a stream of consciousness about how much she loves Williamsburg and the differences between England and the ‘burg (Williamsburg is her lover, London is her husband).

Alexa Chung, if you don’t know, is a style icon from across the pond who looks and dresses like a chain-smoking tomboy for a living. Actually, no, she’s a model and TV presenter. Same thing.

Seriously though, if a style icon can enjoy thrifting, why can’t you? Just as long as you can top it off with a Chanel quilted hand bag, of course.