Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

Sustainable fashion and travel for the conscious woman

EcoCult is a curious, thoughtful, science-based view into the international sustainable fashion industry.

Alden Wicker


Hi! Welcome to the cult. Let me introduce myself.

I write deeply researched articles about big ideas in the sustainable fashion industry. I’m out to find the truth (whatever that is today in the fast-moving fashion industry) and share it with you so you can be a better consumer, activist, and professional.

I split my time between blogging and contributing freelance articles to publications like Glamour, Quartz, Newsweek, Fast Company, Vox, Inc. Magazine, and Refinery29. Check out my freelance portfolio.

My home base is in Brooklyn, but my husband and I just got back in February 2019 from a year of travel, work, and research around the world. There are many reasons I used to convince my husband this was a good idea, but the main drive for me was so I could deepen my understanding of the global fashion supply chain. I visited artisan workshops in Latin America and India, dug into textile innovations in Europe, and finished up with some factory visits in Asia. There’s always more to learn, however, so I’ll probably be going back again at some point! For now, though, we’re here in New York City.

As my education on sustainability has developed, I’ve become a proponent for not focusing solely on your own patch of grass, but thinking about expanding your actions to your local businesses, your local municipality, your state, your country! You can read more about this in my viral essay for Quartz on conscious consumption.

I frequently speak on and moderate panels on the topic of sustainable and ethical fashion. And should you need it, I’m also available to consult with brands and bloggers who need help figuring out this whole sustainable fashion space, including how to effectively talk to consumers about your cool sustainable brand.

I would love to hear how I can help you change the fashion world for the better! Please get in touch here.

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