gogreenrideI had a problem that needed solving. I had seven large boxes of swag bags and other items that I needed to transport from my apartment in Gramercy to my Launch Party in Williamsburg. Public transportation and bikes wouldn’t work. I could wave down a couple taxis, but I would have to direct them to the front door of my building, and also hope they were both hybrid. It wouldn’t do to take a carbon-spewing minivan to an eco-friendly party! But I also didn’t want to call a car service, because that would be guaranteed to be an old Crown Vic. Plus, I just don’t trust those guys.

I hit upon a solution with GoGreenRide, which generously offered to provide me with a Prius to transport everything over the party.

The car showed up right on time. I was worried about fitting all the boxes in, but with the hatchback, they easily did. Then my friend and I slid into the back seat of black leather, and found ourselves with a couple glass bottles of water, wi-fi, chargers for our iPhones and an iPad that allowed us to play any music of our choice. Lana del Rey it was! Even the driver was great–he seemed well-educated, kind and professional.

We were actually shocked by how luxurious the car service was. It felt rarified and indulgent. Surprisingly, the cost is comparable to a regular taxi. For example, to go from my apartment in Gramercy all the way over to Williamsburg costs a little over $21.

You can reserve a car ahead of time or on the spot using the website, the app for iPhone or Android, or call them up for a car. Similar to Uber, they charge your credit card for the ride, and give you an estimate while you reserve. Just be aware that as it is a fledgling company, you probably won’t find an open car on, say, a Saturday night at 10 p.m. (I’ve tried.) But for going to a nice dinner across town on a weeknight, getting a ride to and from the airport, or impressing a business associate, GoGreenRide is the way to do it.