Alden Wicker I'm going to the Women's March on Washington on the 21st. Are you? Are you marching in your own city? Let me know in the comments!

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I contributed a sustainable resolution to this excellent roundup full of incredible sustainable figures. #honored | mindbodygreen


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“Oh great, there’s another thing I’m doing wrong! Now I’ve made my skin sad.Peaceful Dumpling


Whoa, I had no idea the trendy superfood maca had so much in common with cocaine. No, really. | Garden Collage


Annie seems to have nailed the minimalist life. She shares four excellent tips for paring it down | Terumah It's hard being perfectly minimalist. Don't beat yourself up. | Honestly Modern  Is minimalism is just asceticism, but without that deeper meaning? | Style Wise Zero waste for students. | WASTED

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Katie has some inspired resolutions to follow for 2017, and none of them involve going on a diet! | Sustainability in Style Bumblebees are now on the endangered list, but Trump's administration likely won't help them. | Quartz A man sitting at a grand piano in the arctic will make you tear up. | Vox 


Why you should move to a small town. | The Guardian The women leading the Women's March on Washington on the 21st. | Vogue