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I wanted to find out why high-end (well, all) sushi restaurants are so unsustainable. The answer was surprising. | Quartz

The Holidays

How do you deal with a family who looks down on a sustainable Christmas? | Eleanore Snare For all my Jewish readers out there, here's a conscious guide to Hanukkah. | Selva Beat More sustainable and beautiful gift wrapping ideas. | Leotie Lovely After watching her video on greening your holidays, I sort of want Erin's life. Wow, those decorations... | My Green Closet


Even if it's made in the USA, if it's a $7 dress, it's made in a sweatshop. | Cosmopolitan 5 innovations that you can use to turn all your shopping ethical. | Style Wise Bead & Reel has launched a secondhand marketplace featuring only sustainable fashion. | Sustainability in Style


One thing to immediately improve the quality of your hair and skin. | Peaceful Dumpling Whenever you hear about a nutritional study, check the methodology. | NY Mag

Big Ideas

Why you should strive for compassion, definitely not empathy. | Wall Street Journal  Another reason why I really enjoy banking with Schwab: It isn't complicit in rainforest burning. | NY Times That airplane crash with the soccer team wasn't the only tragic emergency landing this week. | The Guardian The Weather Channel is pissed at Breitbart for misusing its video to lie to Americans about climate change. | The Weather Channel We're doomed. | NY Times