coffee amsterdam I'm back from Europe, dear readers, and struggling to re-acclimate to having mobile data at my fingertips at all times. It's like I detoxed and now I'm re-toxing on Instagram scrolling and Facebook pings. Someone make me stop looking at my phone while I'm walking down the street!

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How Bacteria and Raw Sugar Are Cleaning Up the Denim Industry | mindbodygreen


Project JUST came out with its athletic guide while I was gone, and there's some cute stuff in there! | Project JUST How One Swedish Denim Brand Is Cleaning Up Its Supply Chain | Forbes A fashion line inspired by the New York Sanitation Department is ... farcical. | New Yorker To tote or not to tote? (Read the first comment.) | The Atlantic How responsible is the fashion industry for climate change? | Marie Claire Consumers praise sustainable fashion but don't want to pay the price. | Fashion United Emma Watson is a sustainable fashion enthusiast, and this week debuted the first pieces from a bespoke collection Zady designed for her on Instagram. Zady will make the pieces available to consumers for pre-order as Emma wears the pieces, for delivery beginning October 31. Of course, the fabrics used in the capsule collection are all natural, use no pesticides or toxic chemicals, and feature the finest silk, wool, cotton, and alpaca. | Zady This sustainable shopping site is a godsend for emerging designers. | Observer


So, RGB cosmetics disappeared. | Sarita Cohen


Liberté! Egalité! Environmentalité! France has banned plastic disposable plates, cups and utensils. | AP

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A handy global temperature timeline. | xkcd Will ExxonMobil have to pay for lying to the public about climate change? | Bloomberg