Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.31.21 AM I rarely if ever post fashion videos, but two of my favorite Brooklyn-based designers, Titania Inglis and K/LLER Collection, have collaborated to create a short fantasy film ‘SEIÐR’ (pronounced seithr), and I had to share. SEIÐR is a modern melancholic tale of dark and light, order and chaos. Inspired by the ancient matriarchal spirituality of the Vikings, the storyline explores an encounter in a secluded mansion between a mysterious thief (Nana Takagi) and the reclusive lady of the house (Francesca Vuillemin), whose civil interaction devolves into a pagan battle of life and death. The actresses are adorned throughout with Titania Inglis' black and white luxury clothing, and K/LLER’s sharp brass adornments. American singer-songwriter Chelsea Wolfe'After the Fall’ created a dark and pulsing instrumental mix exclusively for the film. SEIÐR // Titania Inglis x K/LLER Collection 2016 from Titania Inglis on Vimeo. It was a natural fit for a collaboration between Titania Inglis and accessories brand K/LLER Collection, founded by Katie deGuzman and Michael Miller. The independent designers, who share a contemporary-minimalist meets rock and roll aesthetic and responsible design and production philosophy, were first introduced in 2014, but this is their first collaboration. I've toured both K/LLER Collection's studio and Titania Inglis' studio – check those out for more information on why I love them so much!