Backpacks to wear on your bicycle Citibikes and your own bike alike may come equipped with front baskets, but it's still a much better option to wear a backpack. Hit a deep pothole, and your purse or bag could fall out onto the payment. The bungee cords on the Citibikes will squish anything delicate. And just think of the cushioning a filled backpack will provide if you get knocked from your bike onto your back! (I'm only partly joking on that last one.) Basically, a backpack allows you to ride less like a school marm, and more like a badass. Fortunately, it's easier than you would think to find ethically-made and fashionable backpacks for your adventures around New York. And while they may make you feel like a kid again, they have enough room for your grownup work laptop, too. Check 'em out:

For the World Traveler: Liliana Backpack

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When you're feeling the itch to travel, strap this on and go get a Pisco Sour! This leather and fabric backpack is made with authentic recycled Mayan textiles. It has three outer pockets with zippers, plus a tie closure and adjustable shoulder straps.
Ethical cred: Liliana and her husband work with traditional textiles and leather in Panajachel, Guatemala, to create brightly colored, ethically produced bags. They employ three people to work with them in the local area, paying them a generous living wage for their work.
Buy it: $68 on Lydali