Sometimes I have something incredibly specific in mind, and I go on a long, arduous journey through every sustainable site ever looking for it. Since I'm doing the work, I figure I might as well save you some trouble present you with the result!  I need boot socks. The cozy, comfy, tall, peek-out-of-your-boots kind. I lost one of my gray ones, and one of my black ones has a hole in my toe. So off I go. You think a basic thing like this would be easy. But in the world of sustainable clothing, the most basic thing is often the hardest to find. But I did come up with a few great options:

Mountain-Crossing Socks

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All business at the top, when peeking out of your boots, and girly on your shins, these socks are sweat-wicking, made of USA-spun yarn. Bonus: Sheep on the soles! $15 at Appalatch