It's too hot to work, so let's procrastinate by oohing and aahing over some neat things from Design With Benefits, an online boutique that offers sleek and cool items with a story. DWB is one of many start-ups offering more than just material and country of origin. You also learn about the maker, where the materials come from, who and what the product is benefiting, and the motivation behind the product. You can even shop by benefit, and filter products by environment, recycling, poverty, education, equity and animals. I went through and picked out my favorite things. While I will pass on the disembodied Barbie jewelry, these choices would make an awesome gift or addition to your own thoughtfully-decorated abode.

Driftwood Earrings

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These crystal-shaped driftwood earrings are made by Seattle-native Emily Baker, a jewelry aficionado with a bent for social responsibility, Sword + Fern, based in Portland, Oregon, combines her passions for design and sustainability. Her collection features beautiful, handmade jewelry made from used materials, such as vintage chains, driftwood, shells, recycled glass, repurposed leather from secondhand leather products, and steel automobile gasket replacements salvaged from auto yards and polished with vinegar. These are made to order, so allow a two to three weeks for delivery.

$62 on Design With Benefits