cleaningPeople who have discovered the world of sustainability usually follow a sequence of steps: 1. OMG! The world is falling apart and I need to live sustainably! 2. How the heck do I do that? 3. This is impossible. 4. Cool! I found this awesome green product! 5. Oh wow. There are lots of awesome green products. How do I choose? 6. Eek! Half of my "green" products aren't green at all. The bastards. 7. OK, I think I have my favorite green products that I can trust. 7. You know what? I need to stop buying "green" products, and just stop buying so much stuff in general. 8. I am completely above consumerism, and haven't brought a new piece of plastic into my home for two years. I would consider step eight something like sustainability nirvana--oft sought after, rarely achieved, and only for the extremely dedicated. For the rest of we green strivers, I present an article I put together for LearnVest that goes into extreme detail about the best green cleaners. Armed with a ton of research, we chose our favorite cleaners that are cheap and eco-friendly. It may not be as virtuous as scrubbing with nothing but lemon and baking soda in every corner, but it's pretty darn close. Picture-41 To see the rest of the chart, click here.