There really is nothing going on this weekend, at least that I can find. Sure, there are tons of samples sales, barbecues, etc. But nothing that really sings to my heart as sustainable. So, let's switch it up! Now is a great time for me to tell you all the amazing places you can go this summer that aren't one-time-only. Click on the pictures below for your six fresh, green, summer getaways right in the city. Put them on your to-do list.

The Cloisters

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It's pretty far, but worth the trip. The Cloisters themselves make for a nice hour-long tour, through which you might ask yourself, "What, wasn't the Middle Ages before America was founded? (You can read the bizarre story here.) But I think their attraction lies in the surrounding gardens and small wood paths. Even the view across the Hudson is unmarred by modern life.
What to bring: A reusable bottle with a secret stash of wine wine, and a copy of Jonathan Franzen's Freedom to read in the shade